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    Bullet Cycler -

    Welcome To Bullet Cycler Pre-Launch

    Register Free to get access to your Members Area. Investment Window Opens when 100 Free Members are Registered. Referral Links are Active immediately after Free Account activation. You may use your Referral Links to Promote the Bullet Cycler Affiliate Program.

    Help yourself to some amazing Digital Content available for download directly from your members account. Simply click the "Free Bonuses" Button. These products include Master Resell Rights. Sell them for whatever you like and keep 100% of the Profits Over & Over.

    Invest in the Bullet Cycler system by purchasing Investment positions with Blazing Fast R.O.I. Simply Login to your Members account and click the Buy Positions Button. This will also Activate your Free Members Account to a Premium account.
    ID 1 Line will be ACTIVE when 100 Free Members are Registered.

    Premium Members instantly receive an All-Access-Pass to Valuable Digital Products including: Master Resell Rights, Private Label Rights Content and Software that you can Download. Sell them for whatever you like and keep 100% of the profits. Click on the My Rewards Button located in your Members Area..

    Did you know that you can earn income just by referring people? Simply use your customized referral URL and you can earn funds that are deposited directly into your balance when they Upgrade! From your Members Account, Simply Click on the My Referrals Button to see who has been referred by your links.

    Earn even more income using your Multi-Level (Network) Marketing Referral Links located in your Members Area or simply click on the Get Banners Button to access all your Banner Code to promote your Referral Link in forums, blogs, email, or even your favorite Social Network.

    Don't forget to tell your friends about Bullet Cycler Referral Contest iPad 3 Give-a-way.

    Help the Bullet Cycler Program out by Submitting a Testimonial about our Program. From your Members Account, Simply click the Submit Testimonial Button and Leave some kind words.

    Referral Contest Starts Now!

    iPad 3 (16GB) Give-a-way Provided by AMAZON.COM

    (Must be an active member of Bullet Cycler to Qualify for 1 of 3 that will be given to the Top 3 Bullet Cycler Members with Highest Referrals. Contest will end June 29th at Midnight EST.)

    Click here to signup free

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    Total Positions: 77
    Total Withdrawn: $0
    Member Count: 128
    Paid Members: 12
    Free Members: 116
    Total Sales: $600.00
    Total Paid: $384.11
    Last Member: plabon777
    Last Joined: 3/31/2012
    Running Time: 2d 9h 47m

    signup free at and get access to Hundreds of Digital Download Products w/Master Resell Rights and Private Label Rights. Resell and keep 100% of the profits. Exchange Service


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